Citizenship Center convened Session on the digital transformation of civil society institutions

The Citizenship Center, in cooperation with the Success House Of Yemen, held an online discussion session under the title: Digital Transformation of Civil Society Institutions. This session was moderated by Mr. Abdullah Jbour from the Citizenship Center, with the participation of the Success House Of Yemen team. The online session addressed the different ways to sustain democratic civil work in the light of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and how to use digital means to implement programs, create activities, and reach new communities. The work team also developed a new vision for developing the Success House Of Yemen strategy, developing the skills of the administrative team, and improving partnerships with stakeholders, especially international and local organizations in Yemen. The main themes of democratic transformation and active civic participation of youth and women in public affairs and challenging hate speech have been included among the House’s priorities in the new strategy of the Success House Of Yemen.

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