Executive Director of the Citizenship Center Receives the Certificate of “Youth Ambassador for Peace”

On Tuesday, October 15th , 2022, the World Peace Union and the Youth and Students for Peace Organization (YWCWS) granted the Certificate of “Youth Ambassador for Peace”  that is awarded to young people active in promoting intercultural harmony and the principles of the United Nations.

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) is a non-governmental organization with ESOCOS status with the United Nations. It promotes and supports its program, particularly in the areas of interfaith and peacebuilding.

Youth and Students for Peace, is a non-profit international organization based in New York, that aims to promote world peace by empowering young people to become global citizens.

Abdullah Jbour, is a researcher and writer from Jordan, is a member of the Program for Preventing Violent Extremism, a member of the Middle East Youth Network of the global organization Religions for Peace, and an alumnus of the U.S. Government Program (Visitor International Leader IVLP on Civil Society Organizations Management). He co-founded the Citizenship Center for Sustainable Development (CCSD) in 2016. CCSD is a non-profit organization that since its establishment in 2016 has spread the values of citizenship and the common good, enriched cultural diversity in Arab countries, and promoted the positive participation of young people in public affairs through civic education programs, research and policy studies.

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