A statement issued by the Citizenship Center regarding ending the relationship with U.S. government institutions.

5 November 2023

The Citizenship Center, steadfast in its commitment to the values of human rights and human dignity, announces its decision to terminate its relationship with U.S. government institutions. This decision is based on the U.S. administration’s support for the brutal war on Gaza, carried out by the Israeli occupation army, which has resulted in a grave human tragedy and led to massacres claiming the lives of thousands of innocent civilians, a majority of whom are women and children.

The “unconditional” support from the US administration for the Israeli army has led to the destruction of churches, mosques, schools, hospitals, relief centers, and media institutions. Despite this, the American administration has insisted on prolonging the war, enforcing a blockade on Gaza, and hindering the entry of aid and the evacuation of the injured. This is deemed as aggressive behavior that lacks humanity.

The US administration has violated the principles of peace and human rights that it has ratified, including the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. It has also obstructed efforts at the United Nations to halt the war on civilians and any attempt to secure a humanitarian truce to assist the thousands trapped under the rubble. Moreover, it has supplied the occupation army with advanced weapons to kill more civilians and perpetrate unprecedented war crimes, amounting to genocide.

At the Citizenship Center, we recognize the importance of humanitarian work and international cooperation in achieving sustainable development and global peace. However, we believe that escalating hostilities and the use of military force in conflict resolution do not align with the goals of peace and social justice. For this reason, we are taking this action as a means to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people and the victims of the war in Gaza.

In light of the above, the Citizenship Center has unanimously decided to sever ties with any American government institution and to withdraw from any programs, projects, or activities affiliated with American government institutions, either directly or indirectly, throughout President Biden’s term in office.

The Citizenship Center stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination and the defense of their rights in light of their exposure to occupation, mass expulsion, discrimination, apartheid, hate crimes, and intimidation. We thank the peoples of the world who support us and stand by our humanitarian cause.

The Citizenship Center calls on all civil society organizations in the Arab region to awaken the humanitarian spirit and show solidarity with civilians in Gaza. We also urge these institutions not to become partners in perpetuating injustice, hatred, and classism based on double standards in dealing with the peoples of the world.

We hope that this resolution will lead to positive change in Gaza and the West Bank, and strengthen efforts to build a world characterized by peace, justice, and respect for the rights of all peoples, without discrimination or disregard for human dignity and human rights.

Citizenship Center

5 November 2023

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