President of Al Hussein bin Talal University sponsors the graduation of students in the citizenship program

The Citizenship Center celebrated the graduation of participants in the Digital Citizenship Program on Tuesday in Ma ‘an. For the period from 26 to 28 December 2021, 26 students from Dialogue and Leadership participated. The workshops focused on cognitive and skilled topics that included first day citizenship and identity civil society and its role in building political awareness.
On the second day, his workshops focused on the role of the media in shaping and guiding public opinion, hate speech in digital media and stereotypes, and how to create diversity content. Students also had the opportunity to learn about digital media techniques with a focus on the podcast industry.
The third day focused on the progress of a workshop on democratic transformation in Jordan: stops and challenges. The session reviewed the highlights of the recommendations of the Committee for the Modernization of the Political System and its implications for the political work of Jordanian youth.
During the graduation ceremony, Dr. Aida Abu Taih spoke about the importance of citizenship programs in the political modernization phase of Jordan. The importance of the active and participatory relationship between official universities and civil society institutions working in the field of citizenship In turn, the Director of the Centre for Citizenship, Mr. Abdullah Al-Jabbour, spoke about the importance of citizenship values in regulating the relationship between society and the State, The young generation’s role in this context underscores the importance of citizenship in deepening democratization.
This programme comes in collaboration between the Citizenship Centre and the Canadian Fund for Local Initiative Development, benefiting 50 young people from civil society and university students, as well as 20 women’s associations in Mafraq, Northern Badia, Ma ‘an and Southern Badia

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